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So many freebie websites out there, not knowing who works or who doesn't. I have put this page together, so we have it all under one roof, no gimmicks, no charge sites, with a brief simply explanation how it works.

I will add pictures and/or links of the best new freebies to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

please contact me, once you sign up so that I can make sure you and I get our sign up bonuses.

Good luck.

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TOPCASH BACK - offers the best rates

I’ve made some great savings so far on my online shopping. There are no catches, and it's completely free to join. So, why don’t you join too?  

 So far I have earned over £200.00 cashback! And more pending! 

You can get 'cashback' from over 4,300 online merchants every time you shop online. 
TopCashback is the UK's most generous cashback website, and they always guarantee the highest rates of cashback - up to 105%!
It's free to join, so take a look around and sign up here:

Use that link to earn £5 free when you reach £10. I hope you like it!

Timescales waiting for cashback vary with retailers.
P.S. TopCashback has just won the Moneyfacts Cashback Site of the Year 2016 award.

INBOX POUNDS - every penny help

 It's free, simply click on the banner in the email, once it goes to Internet, you can close it and you have made a penny! There are other tasks that can build your points up quicker, even games. This one takes awhile to reach the £20 withdrawal limit but you are still saving n gaining.




This is an easy one, it's got a list of products, you go out and buy the exact ones and they will give you the full refund or certain amount off. Eg. Every week I go shop, buy milk for £1.00, I scan the receipt, I get 25p cashback so only pay 75p.

That alone saves you £14.00 a year!!


RECEIPT HOG - be a big fat pig!!

Receipt hog,  you take a picture of any receipt, depending on the amount depends on the amount of points, free spins and sweepstakes... How easy can this site be.  Points = PayPal or Amazon vouchers.

Plus, if you use this referral code, we’ll both get extra spins at the Hog Slots when you submit your first receipt:  


So join me in earning some easy cash. You can download the app here:

CHECKOUTSMART - don't need to be smart to use this

 You look at the products on their site, few are free, buy it, scan the receipt and get paid, it is as simply as that, don't have to say much more than that.



Another site where you pay, scan product and receipt and then get paid,  lots of free products, half price or just some pennies off, but remember few pennies plus a coupon can make it free!

I thought you’d like to try some Green & Black’s chocolate for free, using the new product discovery app, Shopmium. 

Here’s what to do: 

Download the free Shopmium app on your iPhone or Android smartphone: 

 Open the app and sign up with my code: KHGMMKEQ 

Enjoy your bar of Green & Black’s! 


2nd best cashback site, but the pro's are that they also offer different specials on products/places than TopcashBack.

You can earn an average £280 a year, which I find very tempting...


Get points for trying free apps, and get awesome rewards like Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, Xbox and Google Play Store gift cards. 

You download the app, add the code K2RS67 we both get points, they add up quickly. After you download pick an app to play for 2 minutes or till banner shows points have gone through. I got £40 Starbucks vouchers from it so far. Takes awhile to get there but if you like to explore different apps, this is a good way.


Use my link and get 50 bonus points:


You get a good sign up bonus,  minimum withdrawal is £20 just like Inbox pounds, you also receive afew emails a day, click on them to receive a penny, it all adds up, there are a number of different tasks you can do to increase the balance, to what suits you.